The Sleek Ponytail is a hairstyle to be done preferably on long hair. However, it can be done on short or medium long hair by using hairpieces. The principle of the Sleek Ponytail is to make a ponytail pulled back, without any hair sticking out.

What is the Sleek Ponytail?

It's a stylish and sophisticated hairstyle at the same time. It is a ponytail pulled back the length of the hair. The Sleek Ponytail can be worn low or high. It can be accessorized to give the silhouette even more style. It is possible to make a parting in the middle of the skull or on the side for an even more glamorous effect. The purpose of the Sleek Ponytail is to be elegant in every way, thanks to a ponytail. As the hair will be pulled back extremely far, the skin of the face will be stretched upwards, and the eyes will be drawn in the manner of the biggest stars.

How to get a perfect ponytail sleek on long hair?

To get the glamorous effect of this hairstyle, do a sleek blow dry. The principle is to have ultra-smooth, disciplined and shiny hair. To do this, stretch the hair from root to tip, using a round brush and a blow dryer. This sleek blow-drying should be followed by straightening with an iron to make the hair as straight as possible. Don't forget to protect and nourish it with a good serum. Then gather the hair into a high or low tail with a rubber band. Little tip, discipline rebellious strands with an eyebrow brush dipped in hairspray. Then hide the elastic band with a lock and a pair of bobby pins.

On what occasion should you wear a ponytail sleek?

The advantage of wearing the ponytail is that it can be worn on any occasion. The Sleek Ponytail will stand out more if you wear it to a formal party or event. Indeed, this is the principle of this elegant and sophisticated hairstyle. It will bring a special and glamorous touch to even the simplest look. Worn high, the Sleek Ponytail will give a falsely neglected look. Wearing it low, preferably at a party, gives a strict and elegant look. The Sleek Ponytail is an easy hairstyle to achieve. For an elegant and glamorous look, you have to work on the hairstyle by disciplining all the rebellious strands.