The Sleek Ponytail for very long hair

The Sleek Ponytail is a hairstyle to be done preferably on long hair. However, it can be done on short or medium long hair by using hairpieces. The principle of the Sleek Ponytail is to make a ponytail pulled back,…

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Wavy hair for a natural look

The wavy look! This look reminds everyone of summer holidays on the beach. A look that can also mean freedom, or a symbol showing more casual characters. The wavy look is also reminiscent of naturalness. So how can you have…

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How do I do my hair with barrettes?

The hair clip is a timeless accessory to sublimate your hairstyle. It is an accessory that allows you to hold your mane and adopt trendy looks. Follow our tips to achieve a pretty hairstyle with barrettes. What are the different…

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How can I wear a scarf?

Long hair, short hair, it’s always the same thing every morning or at the time of going out. How do I do my hair? Which accessories to use and how to do it? Scrunchy, clips, barrettes or even scarves, these…

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