The hair clip is a timeless accessory to sublimate your hairstyle. It is an accessory that allows you to hold your mane and adopt trendy looks. Follow our tips to achieve a pretty hairstyle with barrettes.

What are the different models of barrettes?

Bobby pins, flat tweezers, bobby pins, snap clips, crab clips and hair combs are just some of the different types of hair clips you can find on the market. The bobby pin for example is an accessory that everyone knows. It can be used to highlight buns or haircuts. Flat clips are useful for holding small strands of hair, as they are often a little discreet. Buns are for their part recommended for young girls with curly or wavy hair and with volume. This type of clip allows you to pull up hair lengths without the need for a whole bunch of pins. The clic-clac clips, on the other hand, are more popular with mums for fixing their little girls' hair. The crab pliers, on the other hand, have teeth to hold the hair in place, which is an excellent choice for clearing the face. And finally, hair combs are often appreciated by banana bun lovers.

How do you make your bun pins stick?

If you don't know how to make your pins fit in your buns, first of all, you need to brush your hair well to smooth the hair and untangle all the knots. Then get some strong tweezers and start by twisting your hair into a twist according to the hairstyle you want to do. Don't tighten your pins to avoid a headache. And finally, hold the whole thing by putting one by one the pliers in the middle of the bun and then bringing in the opposite direction. All these gestures will help keep the hair in place. Continue the operation until you get the hairstyle you want.

How to choose your hair clip?

Bars were previously reserved for little girls. Nowadays, they are more and more in vogue. Many stars wear them as elegant and original jewellery.   With a simple accessory like a hair clip, you can wear a pretty hairdo. It is possible to wear them at any time, every day or why not on your wedding day to bring out your femininity. They are also very popular to practice a sport or during the summer period. The barrette is a real asset to change your hairstyle and bring freshness to your beauty looks. Like clothes, the important thing is to choose items that will make you feel comfortable and at ease. Whether you want to fix a small strand of hair or hold it all together, this accessory will be your best friend for convenience as well as aesthetics.