The decoration, the buffet, the guests, everything is finally ready for the big day... Except your hair! You don't know which hairstyle to wear and above all which style can stand out from your guests. Discover the fashion for braids, original and easy to highlight for a wedding.

Why make a braid for your wedding?

The braid is first of all very trendy today for a wedding. By opting for this hairstyle, you are sure to choose a trendy model. On the other hand, the braid also has the advantage of being able to be declined under a multitude of hairstyles. Depending on the complexity and shape of your dress, as well as your wedding theme, you can make a braided crown, a braided bun or a cascading release with braids here and there. There are many ideas depending on your desires. A braided hairstyle is also very chic. It is particularly suitable for a bohemian and romantic wedding. But it fits perfectly with all themes. Finally, it is easier to decorate than other styles because the braid can hang clips, tiaras or headdresses, depending on your wishes.

The braided bun

It is one of the most elegant and fashionable hairstyles for a wedding. There are several techniques to make a braided bun. For example, you can make a large braid in the middle and bring it back in a bun on the top of the head. An African-style braided base is also very stylish and trendy. The loose braided bun for a bohemian effect is especially popular for bohemian brides. Moreover, the braids are easier to fix with clips.

The braided crown

It's a very fashionable style also for D-day. You can start by making a classic bun and decorate it with a crown of braids. To do this, simply pass the braid around the head and then attach it to the bun. For a more original hairstyle, you can also make the braid on one side of the parting of your hair so that it extends to the bun. This is a chic and romantic hairstyle. You can also make a classic bun and then decorate it with cascading and asymmetrical braids. Braids are therefore very practical, in addition to being elegant for a wedding. To choose the best hairstyle, call in the professionals.