Experiencing hair loss can be detrimental to your mental wellbeing and self-esteem. However, it does not have to be a permanent issue. Treatments like hair transplant surgery can help resolve this issue. Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one body part to another. The location where the hair is removed is called the donor site, and the one where the hair is transplanted is the recipient site. Turkey will always appear among the top locations when looking up places to get a hair or beard transplant. Turkey is a popular destination for this hair loss treatment.

Reasons hair transplant in Turkey is recommended

Hair transplant in Turkey is a common practice. Below are some reasons Turkey is a great place to get this hair loss treatment;

  • Experienced physicians- One of the reasons Turkey is a great destination for this hair loss treatment is its great doctors. Turkish doctors handle thousands of different cases annually. Doctors from other top destinations like Europe and the United States can not boast as many patients. Turkey receives more than a million health tourists annually. This gives Turkish doctors ample experience in performing successful treatments. The Turkish government invests heavily in top medical schools and top-notch healthcare infrastructure. This also makes it a trusted place for health tourism.
  • Prices- Turkey has also earned a reputation as a go-to destination for hair loss treatment procedures because of its convenient prices. Hair transplants in Turkey boast some of the best prices. This can be attributed to the high competition. There are several experts in Turkey offering similar services. The high competition forces practitioners to adjust their prices. Despite the affordable pricing, Turkey also guarantees quality services. Hair transplantation clinics in Turkey also offer affordable prices because of their numerous clients. The clinics optimize their prices because they can count on thousands of clients and do not need to worry about their profits.
  • Appealing packages- Dermatologists and hair treatment experts in Turkey also offer appealing packages to encourage their patients to keep coming. Hair treatment clinics offer incentives like covering the cost of travel and accommodation. The overhead costs of hair restoration are quite minimal. Therefore, clinics can afford to provide extra incentives like sightseeing tours, transportation, and accommodation. However, these incentives are not standard at all clinics.

Downsides of hair transplantation in Turkey

While Turkey is a good place to get hair transplantation, there are also some downsides. Below are some downsides of getting a hair or beard transplant in Turkey;

  • Outdated technology and substandard procedures- The clinics in Turkey do not have the best hair restoration technology. This influences the quality of their service. Additionally, clinics in Turkey are not held to the same medical standards as those in countries like the United States. This also influences the quality of their services.
  • No follow-ups or in-person consultation- patients have to travel to a new country for the procedure, and they do not get a chance for an in-person consultation. Most of the time, the consultation is done online through photos and video calls. There are also no follow-ups to address complications once the patient returns home.


Hair loss treatments in Turkey are also popular because of the beautiful destination. Clients get a chance to visit a new country and experience its beauty. Turkey is a beautiful country with numerous tourist attractions. Therefore, patients can take a few extra days before or after the surgery to enjoy the beautiful country. However, it can also be risky. Therefore, it would be wise to compare the benefits and downsides.