Taking care of curly hair is not the easiest thing to do. Certain products should be avoided, such as hair products containing corrosive chemicals. These can cause unwanted breakage and other problems such as thinning, split ends and frizz. To avoid these hair problems, people with curly hair are now opting for the low poo trend for healthier curls.

What is low poo?

A low poo is a mild cleanser. It is botanically infused, which means that many natural ingredients are used, unlike other common shampoos. This natural shampoo contains gentle cleansing surfactants to remove impurities, while keeping the hair moisturized. It has the ability to cleanse your hair of all dirt without stripping it of moisture.

What makes low poo so special?

A low poo contains no sulfates, parabens or silicones. The best way to remember what a low poo is is to think of it as a conditioning cleanser. This is preferable for curly hair, as the product cleans the hair while conditioning it. Sulphates are the ingredients in the shampoo that produce lather and bubbles. These strip the hair of its natural moisture. To keep your curly hair healthy, remove sulphates from your hair routine. Silicones are also considered hard on curly hair. While they can help give your hair shine and a healthy look, they are only a temporary illusion. They cover the hair to make it smooth, but they are difficult to wash out. Over time, it suffocates your curly hair, leaving it dull and dry.

Convert to a low poo

When you choose to get rid of your traditional shampoo and convert it to low poo, your hair may take a few washes to get used to a softer, more natural shampoo. Switching to low poo is like putting your hair through detoxification. A period of side effects will occur as the toxins are expelled, your hair will go through a period of adjustment, and may look strange at first. Remember that bubbles are just an unnecessary sulphate-based trick, so don't expect the same level of lather when using a low poo. There is no need to use more product to compensate for the lack of bubbles. Your hair is clean, even without the bubbles.