Regardless of age, all women have always enjoyed putting flowers in their hair. Both fragrant and delicate, these ornaments embellish femininity. It is also possible to use flowers for the wedding hairstyle. But before using and choosing this one-day accessory, you should first take a few precautions. To opt for a floral hairstyle at the wedding, certain rules should be followed.

Fresh flowers to slip into your hair for a wedding

The first step in getting a floral hairstyle is to choose the types of flowers to be used. The best way to do this is to choose fresh flowers that do not wilt quickly such as roses, orchids or freesias. Gypsophila can also be used on hair. This flower is almost dry, but it can still be used. Moreover, it does not weigh down the hair. Note that you should avoid wearing the accessory for one day in hot conditions. At this point, it is best to postpone the ceremony until the evening. The type of flower should also be chosen according to the bride's bouquet.

Tips for keeping the flowers in your hair

In order to achieve a successful flower-decorated hairstyle, there are various techniques available. The flower wreath, for example, is placed directly on the head and can be removed at any time. Very simple, but sophisticated, the wreath is ideal for a bohemian wedding. Apart from the wreath, the flowers can also be glued to the wicks with a pin. For those who choose to wear braids for their weddings, it is best to tie them with metallic threads and insert them on the braid.

Make your own flower wreath

Even if the wedding hairstyle requires the help of an experienced hairdresser, the flower wreath can be made by the bride herself. For this, you will need flowers of course, fresh foliage, a florist's scotch to assemble the flowers, a fairly fine wire and also a pruning shears to cut. The first step is to fix the leaves and the flowers around the wire with the florist's tape. It is also possible to form a few bouquets before fixing them side by side. Then cut off the protruding stems with the pruning shears.