Long hair, short hair, it's always the same thing every morning or at the time of going out. How do I do my hair? Which accessories to use and how to do it? Scrunchy, clips, barrettes or even scarves, these are all possible accessories to magnify your day's hairstyle.

Hairdressing with a scarf is the trend

With the strong comeback of bohemian hairstyling and bohemian fashion, the scarf has once again become a must-have accessory. Indeed, the hippie trend has been emerging for a few years now. Young and old alike are happily indulging in it. Especially since there is something for all tastes and all hair types. You can even style your hair to look chic and elegant with the right scarf. But in concrete terms, how can you make your hair look great with a scarf?

The scarf, a timeless item

For those with short hair, the scarf can be used like a headband. For the bun mode, make the scarf start at the bottom of the nape of the neck, and give it the shape of a flower, or a knot on the top of the forehead. By mixing it with your hair, it's as original as it is practical during the hot season. Using the scarf to tie your hair in a ponytail is chic and elegant, especially for those with long hair. Making a bohemian hairstyle with a scarf is also very easy. You just need to have curly or straight hair, tie it with it, use it as a headband or bandana, or also use it to tie frizzy hair.

Braids with a pretty scarf

Matching her braids with a nice scarf is a possible choice. Indeed, whether it is a simple braid, or a multitude of braids, the use of a scarf can make the hairstyle more than pretty. Using the scarf as a headband and braiding the braid all around, for those with long hair, will make the headwear stand out. Using the scarf as a headband on the top of the head and then incorporating it into the braid of the braid is also possible provided you have the right length of hair. Using the scarf as a part of the hair when braiding is also a way to style your hair. It is better here to use a scarf with a pretty, dashing colour (bright red, violet...) to magnify and highlight the hair, especially for those with dark hair colour (browns, chestnuts...).