Look et style de coiffure

A barber hairdresser will know how to give you the right cut if you are short of ideas. He will suggest hair trends for men such as gradient or graduated. Don’t forget that, unlike a woman, a man has another asset for his look: the beard. For each type of beard and face, there is a beard style that suits you. A beard professional will give you the beard shape and size that will enhance your look.

Let’s get the brushing going again!

Gentle drying

Adding shine

Moisturize and heal

Hair masks

Protein care

How to keep coloured hair healthy? You should avoid washing it too often, which is true for all hair types. Also, never forget to use conditioner when washing your hair, it nourishes it and fixes the colour. Applying hair masks, once a week at least, will help you to repair your beautiful hair. As a precaution, keep your hair away from heat. Forget about Brazilian straightening and blow drying at high temperatures.

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